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Karen Kurutsu (枢都 夏蓮, Kurutsu Karen) is the daughter of the town mayor. Her manners and speech are both rough, and she carries a knife with her everywhere she goes. She is right in the middle of her rebellious phase. She is a girl of common sense among the islanders, and a late bloomer in matters of love. Five years ago, her mother abandoned her family and the island and crossed to the mainland. She has always admired her mother, and she herself dreams of escaping the island to the mainland. 

Anime Edit

First Island Edit

She was the first to encounter Setsuna and had a bad initial relationship as he broke her plan to run away from her father.

She met Setsuna again as she took a part timer as maid in Ohara residence. She later developed a new plan to run away from his father to learn about her mother, asking Setsuna to work with her after they got close to each other. The plan worked well, especially her brother agreed to help her.

However, she didn't meet her mother alive. It gave a shock to her but she later accepted it and prayed for her. She also glad that her mother never forgot about her a bit and always worried about her after she was informed by Momoka, the assistant of her mother.

Second Island Edit

Her situation was similar to the first Island except that her case was settled faster as Setsuna asked her close three friends to help her instead of him.

She also as close as the first Island story towards Setsuna, a good friend.