Karin Kurz (カレン・クルツ) is a character that appeared on NEVER ISLAND, which is the counterpart of ISLAND as it is set in the 22,016 AD in the future of Ice Age period (Winter)..

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Plot Edit

She is the leader of the Neo Avalon, an organization that gathers all the children who have no tags, who are trying to revolutionize ISLAND by fighting the church, and have a dream to find the holy land of Avalon.

Anime Edit

She led the attack to steal the ransom from the villagers. At night, she kidnapped Setsuna during the middle of illegal sharing of ransom to the no tags one. However, her hideout was found and she was forced to leave her allies and ran with Sara, Setsuna, and Linne.

Karin, alongside Sara and Setsuna were later set off to save her friends after she got a warn of wanted poster and the execution of her friend on the next day. However, it was a ruse as her friends were found killed afterward. It was revealed that the church had gone heel, corrupted and went far to kill Sara and her father. Linne saved them during the burn execution after they were accused for killing Sara's father which actually done by unknown soldier which was paid by the corrupted priest.

When they went out from the island, Sara was actually caught a deep bullet wound and left unthreatened, killing her due the blood loss. Karin at first felt so happy that she could free, but she quickly caught on sun syndrome and it killed her because Setsuna realized it too late and late to take her to the doctor.

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