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Momoka Yamabuki (山吹 桃香, Yamabuki Momoka) is a side character who hold important connection of the time travel mystery. She is the assistant of Natsumi Kurusu, the mother of Karen.

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Island first Edit

Momoka met Karen and Setsuna during their travel to find Natsumi. Momoka was excited and went far to hug Karen as she was similar to her mother. After Momoka learned that they wanted to find Natsumi, she later only accompanying them and gave information on how she was to Momoka after the latter learned of her death.

Momoka was revealed to assist a freezing time capsule alongside Natsumi and Kuon. After learning that Setsuna was a man from the past, she was asked by Kuon and helped Setsuna to seal him so he would wake up to the future and found the time machine founder.

Island second Edit

Momoka was seen at the same moment when Karen, but this time with her three friends instead when she searched for her mother with the same role.

She later informed Setsuna the truth of the time machine he had used that it was never a time machine but the very same and remodeled time freezing capsule when he noticed that Kuon is Linne from the future. She told Setsuna that Linne and Setsuna were never went to the past but went to the same period of the future, with the odd that Earth had its world reset on certain point, while Linne and Setsuna were inside the capsule, they didn't realize the reset and thought that they went to the past.