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Moritsugu Kurutsu (枢都 守継, Kurutsu Moritsugu) is Karen's father and the town mayor of the Urashima's island. He have a conservative idea and because of that, he acts cold to the outsiders.


Visual NovelEdit

When Moritsugu had heard of a new shipwrecked introduced into the island, he came in the police station to take the intruder to thus have him board in his boat, tied. Later, he got called by the intruder Setsuna because of a possibility of a leak, and found his daughter Karen trying to escape to the island. Setsuna availed of this moment to escape, thus Moritsugu ran after him. breathless alongside with the policeman ..., he found Setsuna next to Rinne. After some explanations from Rinne, Moritsugu gave up on pursuing Setsuna and go away.


While Moritsugu ordered the policeman to take Setsuna in a boat, he was searching his daughter. Later, he found her but sees Setsuna escaping, he tried to pursue him but couldn't manage to catch him, he thus gave up.