Rinné O'Hara (リンネ・オハラ) is a character that appeared on NEVER ISLAND, which is the counterpart of ISLAND as it is set in the 22,016 AD in the future of Ice Age period (Winter).

Appearance Edit

She resembles Rinne in physical appearance, which is understandable as it's revealed that she is Kuon Ohara.

Personality Edit

Rinné is a girl who is cheerful and never gives up.

It was revealed that she is Kuon Ohara and had different personality due the memory loss and slow regained, especially towards Setsuna because he lost his memory of her as well, becoming a bit colder, but retaining her love to her daughter and Setsuna.

Plot Edit

She inherited a CD that will 'save the world', so she worked on making a device from the blueprint that was recorded on the CD to save the 'ISLAND'. Meeting Setsuna who was lost in memory outside the shelter, she gave Setsuna a place to live in the O'Hara family, which is her family and also gave her identity as her missing brother.

Anime Edit

She found Setsuna in the capsule and took him as her brother. They lived happily until they got involved with the untagged children. Linne and Setsuna tried their best to save the children, including Sara and Karin. But whatever they did, their enemies were already a step ahead. Having Sara died to the blood loss from her leg which got a deep scratch and not threatened, and also late to save Karin from the syndrome of the sunlight.

Linne remembered that Setsuna was from the past and Setsuna shared the story of his moment on that time. Setsuna also convinced that he loved Linne more than Rinne, the latter prepared the plan to change the future by sending Setsuna with the time machine which she believed as. Before the leave of Setsuna, they had their personal marriage, wearing hand made wedding rings by Setsuna, and had sex.

However, it was revealed that it was not a time machine which latter depressed Rinne. She tried her hard to take Setsuna out but no avail. In despair, she left the island to search the very same capsule and the original one to follow Setsuna and revealing that she is none other than Kuon Ohara and bore a child, which would be Rinne before they met each other again as she woke up 23 years earlier than Setsuna from the capsule.

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