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Sara Garandou (伽藍堂 紗羅, Garandou Sara) is Urajima Shrine's sole shrine maiden.


She has a great fascination with curses and supernatural powers, and has never really stopped believing in unscientific powers. She claims to have a connection with another time traveler from the future. She is the island's enthusiastic believer and little idol.

She is insecure about her body as she was upset by Setsuna's remark over her chest until she hears that he has no problems with them.


Ever since she lost her parents in the fire five years ago, she has lived in a prefab cabin on the island.

Anime Edit

First Island Edit

Sara encountered Setsuna and initially believed him as a time patrol, almost killing him with a knife but failed as she slipped. Setsuna believed on time travel even far to claim herself as one too.

She believed that she must did something before her 17th birthday, to impregnate herself with the right man and went back to the past. This believe was existed because she had the photo of her mother with the same mark on her cleavage which is the same as she had.

She was revealed to be traumatized with the fact and believe that she had a power to erase the illness towards the villagers' syndrome over the sunlight which later revealed there was no such thing and her uncle covered it by doing a twisted ritual, leading Sara's parents to commit suicide after times.

Sara later learned that the mark on her body was due the ritual and every of her female generation had that. After her problem was solved, she finally had her birthday in happiness and stopped thinking about going through time.

Sara would later helped Setsuna to give information and asked him to help her for giving massage to please the villagers, also helping him to convince Rinne to get out during the day with her ritual.

Second Island Edit

Sara had the very same development on her first encounter with Setsuna, except she was stopped to take the knife as Setsuna managed to remember that there was a hidden knife and telling every personal secret of her, convincing herself that Setsuna was her fortune.

It's unknown if Sara had the learning of her family in negative way as the first one, she almost die for doing suicide by burning herself inside the burnt shrine. But she had her happy birthday in different good development.

When Sara was asked by Setsuna about Ohara family, she made Setsuna discovered the odd about Kuon Ohara which leading to the fact that Kuon Ohara is Linne O'hara.