Sarah Garland (サラ・ガーランド) is a character that appeared on NEVER ISLAND, which is the counterpart of ISLAND as it is set in the 22,016 AD in the future of Ice Age period (Winter)..

Appearance Edit

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Personality Edit

She is very naive.

Plot Edit

Sarah is the only daughter of the church, the only one who can govern the ISLAND. She is very concerned about the state of ISLAND, her ruling father can not guarantee the survival of ISLAND so that she secretly tries to deliver food to children without tags although she knows it was forbidden by the church.

Anime Edit

Sarah led the submission of the ransom for citizens but then there were an attack from the children without tags. As Linne and Setsuna were deeply involved to save Sarah, she begged them to help her for sharing the ransom to them.

At night, she was followed without her and the others notice by the soldiers. It was revealed that the highest were corrupted and had planned to kill her and his father which ended with succession. Sarah died because of taking bullet on her legs and left unthreatened

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Trivia Edit

  • She is the only future character to be visioned by Setsuna during the first Island arc.