The leaf blight, officially called as the "Soot Blight Syndrome", is a disease developed on the Urashima Island.

Development Edit

The Disease Leaf Blight affects the outer leaves of the corn plant. First, gray lesions start appearing, and then eventually the leaves turn black and wither away completely. Small gray spots on the skin are the first symptom of soot blight syndrome, the rate at which it progresses differs from person to person, but the lesions eventually grows bigger, and merge, ultimately covering the entire skin. Thus, the skin hardens, and kills the patient.

History Edit

However, they have successfully experimented with ways of slowing down its progress, one of the way is not to be exposed to the sun. They also developed a Pain Relief.

Leaf blight Pain Relief - E02 Screenshot

Pain relief package

Fortunately, there have not been any news cases in the past ten years, and many of the existing sufferers have fairly light symptoms, which do not hinder them in their day-to-day lives.

Trivia Edit

  • The term 'soot blight syndrome' is thought to derive from Leaf Blight, because people who visited Urashima from the mainland came to fear the diseased islanders, who to them, look like withered plants. that is how they came up with the name.