Love Me When We Meet Again (またあえたらあいしてね, Mata Aetara Aishite ne) is the eighth episodes of ISLAND anime adaptation.

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When I woke up, the two were in the same blue sky as they were five years ago. It is a phantom island where Rinne once spent with Setsuna, with eternal farewells. It was Rinne who was reunited with a real Setsuna and was pleased when it got settled to everything, but it was a further mystery, tears and darkness that had been awaiting.[1]

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TVアニメ『ISLAND』#08次回予告「Stage08 またあえたらあいしてね」

TVアニメ『ISLAND』#08次回予告「Stage08 またあえたらあいしてね」

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  1. ISLAND (anime) Story stage.08